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Tracing the GPU usage

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Operating Systems Solaris Tracing the GPU usage
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Old 08-01-2005
Tracing the GPU usage


Can give me some tips to trace the GPU usage on a solaris8 update7 box?
I try to understand why a Cadcam app is so slow on my Solaris box compared to a win$ box. I guess it comes from the poor graphic card I have but i would like to emphasize it.

My bench is 150sec long on a Solaris while 33sec long on Win$
Using vmstat and iostat I can see that there is no disk swap that could slow the app. The cpu is spent, at 95%, as user CPU. The truss -c cmd shows that the overall system time is 13sec (over 150sec) with 12 secs of ioctl!
As it's a graphic app I guess the system is wating for "GPU results". HOW can I trace it from a system point of view (I don't want to use development mathematics library to trace the process)? The only stuff I have found is fbconfig -prconf that gaves me the video memory usage... Smilie

Many thanks for your help.

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DwtListBoxSetPos(3Dwt)													    DwtListBoxSetPos(3Dwt)

       DwtListBoxSetPos  -  Makes a specified position (item number in the list) the top visible position in a list box, or as close to the top as

       void DwtListBoxSetPos(widget, position)
	    Widget widget;
	    int position;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the list box widget whose specified item number in the list you want displayed in the top position.

       position  Specifies the item number in the list displayed in the top position in the list box.

       The DwtListBoxSetPos function makes the specified position (the item number in the list) the top visible position in a list box.  The func-
       tion  determines  which	item in the list box is displayed at the top of the list box, the choice of which is limited by the DwtNitemsCount
       and DwtNvisibleItemsCount attributes to the list box widget.  When DwtNvisibleItemsCount is greater than 1 and  less  than  DwtNitemsCount,
       the list box widget fills the list box with the maximum visible items regardless of the position value.

       For  example,  if  DwtNitemsCount  is  10  and  DwtNvisibleItemsCount is 5, you cannot make item 8 be displayed at the top of the list box.
       Instead, items 6 through 10 would be displayed.	Setting position to 4 would make items 4 through 8 be displayed.  If DwtNvisibleItemsCount
       is 1, you can make any item in the list be displayed at the top of the list box.

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