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Question with Solaris Crash Analysis Tool with Solaris 9

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Operating Systems Solaris Question with Solaris Crash Analysis Tool with Solaris 9
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Old 07-03-2012
Question with Solaris Crash Analysis Tool with Solaris 9

Hello all.
I am new hear and would like to ask a question regarding to the Solaris Crash Analysis Tool.
We are analyzing the results of "thread summary" but not quite sure what the asterisk represents.
Following are the items that asterisk were attached.
50* threads sleeping on a semaphore (49 user, 1 kernel)
49* threads in biowait() (49 user, 0 kernel)
1* process with 19 pending and 0 done kaio
3* interrupt threads running (0 user, 3 kernel)
It would be helpful if someone in this forum can educate us
what does the asterisk mean.
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Old 07-04-2012
Hello, any results with "*" are what tool is considering worth investigating. In time you will learn that some are more important than other, but you starts with all of those.

I would first go with items that are kernel related.

50* threads sleeping on a semaphore (49 user, 1 kernel)

CAT> tlist sobj sema
review this output, or post for more help.

CAT>tlist biowait
look for long times spent in biowait, could be an issue.

Let us know if you need more help, we can do full analysis.

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