Need command to know the total size

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Operating Systems Solaris Need command to know the total size
# 1  
Need command to know the total size

Smiliei need command to know the total size of project in my system by Giga bit
i try
#du -s /*/projectname

but i need total size for this project by G.B

can you help me
# 2  
use the "-h" option
# 3  
You cannot force GB, but if you use du -sh to get an automatically scaled output, which is in GB, if the total size is between 1 GB and 1 TB (unless you have Solaris 9 or older, where the -h switch was not supported, as far as I remember).
# 4  
du -sh /*/projectname
du: illegal option -- h
usage: du [-a][-d][-k][-r][-o|-s][-L] [file ...]

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i have solaris8
# 5  
du -sk /yourpath | awk '{print $1 / 1048576 ,"gb"}'

# 6  
#du -sk /*/abumadi | awk '{print $1 / 1048576 ,"gb"}'
0.0183535 gb
0.00887299 gb
0 gb
0.335236 gb
0.0875254 gb

where is total ?????????????????
# 7  
du -sk /*/projectname | awk '{SUM += $1  } END {print SUM / 1048576}'

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