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I can't copy any file to any machine | abort problem | freezing

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Operating Systems Solaris I can't copy any file to any machine | abort problem | freezing
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Old 01-31-2012
I can't copy any file to any machine | abort problem | freezing

I want to copy tar file to another machine. tar size is 4gb.
Firstly I tried copy to windows machine with ftp client but copy operation didn't start.
Now I have tryied to copy to solaris machine command with scp but copy was freezed. Picture is attached. Image

What can I do? Smilie

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Shortly machine is freezing when copy or tar command is running. I am obliged to hard reset the machine again.

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Hi, I am using gtar instead of tar command.
I can gtar and copy 3 gb. tar file. There is no problem at the moment!! total size of archive is 70 gb. Smilie I am compressing in parts all of the archive.

Thanks for reading this post.
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Old 01-31-2012
We need a lot of information.

1.Windows OS
2. Solaris OS (uname -a output is good)
3. Where (what OS) are the archives located? Sometimes you can extract tar files directly across the network, without copying the tar file.

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