Solaris 8 ssh public key authentication issue - Server refused our key

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 8 ssh public key authentication issue - Server refused our key
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Old 05-25-2011
Solaris 8 ssh public key authentication issue - Server refused our key

Hi, I've used the following way to set ssh public key authentication and it is working fine on Solaris 10, RedHat Linux and SuSE Linux servers without any problem. But I got error 'Server refused our key' on Solaris 8 system. Solaris 8 uses SSH2 too. Why? Please help. Thanks.

On Sun or Linux:
% chmod 700 .ssh
% cd .ssh
% ssh-keygen -t dsa
% cat >> authorized_keys
% chmod 600 authorized_keys

> Copy private key id_dsa to Windows Desktop > Putty Folder
On Windows:
puttygen > Load > id_dsa > Save private key > id_dsa
Putty > Connection > SSH > Auth > Browse to get the private key id_dsa.ppk
> Putty > Connection > Data > Auto-login to put login username

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Old 05-25-2011
Does Solaris 8 accept this key from a local Solaris 8 login?

Did you use a binary copy, not barefoot FTP?
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