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many tcp connection in close-wait

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Operating Systems Solaris many tcp connection in close-wait
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Old 02-14-2011
many tcp connection in close-wait

I use solaris Unix .
I find there is some problem in application and it generate many "close-wait" tcp connect and stay in the server . it is generate by process id 7740
root@XX # netstat -an | grep CLOSE_WAIT | wc -l
root@XX # netstat -an | grep CLOSE_WAIT    48684      0 49640      0 CLOSE_WAIT    49640      0 49640      0 CLOSE_WAIT
root@XX # /usr/local/bin/lsof -i:34805
XXX 7740 user   87u  IPv4 0x30004ce4c48   0t1500  TCP xx-1:34805->xx-2:32924 (CLOSE_WAIT)

How can I clear it or any other way to improve .
Please advice

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Old 02-14-2011
What Solaris release ?
Is this number impacting the service ?
These connections will eventually timeout.
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Old 02-22-2011
Error check your application for proper 'tcp' conversation

- in most cases, the close-wait state means the local endpoint (your side - your application) has not properly closed the connection after the activity has actually stopped, in other words - the talk has come to an end.

- check your source-code to make sure all sockets are closed after they are not needed ;

good luck, and success!

alexandre botao

<< botao {dot} org >>

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