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export oracle schemas

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Operating Systems Solaris export oracle schemas
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Old 09-06-2004
export oracle schemas


How do i export selected Oracle database schemas from HpUnix?

Is it possible to export it to a windows shared drive?

If so how do i do it?

Pls advice.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-09-2004
Why dont you use the old method?
I dont know how large your DB is but you can:
Export empty tables
and then spool data in flat files,
recreate tables on Win environment et
finalment Upload data.

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Old 09-10-2004


But our intention is not to import the dump to Windows.

Let me explain. We have two sites.

We need to export the database from one site and send it to another site for import.

The hurdles i face are,

1. We donot have enoughspace in the UNIX server.
2. I need to send the export dump to another site.

To solve the hurdles, we thought we can use a windows shared drive and mount it to the unix server. So that we can dump the export to this newly mounted drive.

I cannot export the whole database as it is huge and i have the Unix 2gb limitation.

That is why i want to export by schemas.

Pls advice how i can go about doin it.

Thanks oce again for responding to my post.
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Old 09-28-2004
Ok I got it I think you should install (If you have enough space) SAMBA into your UNIX Station and then try to communicate the Unix Box with the Windows Box.

I did it once and it is not dificult to install and configure samba on a unix box and after all it is for free!!!

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Old 10-08-2004

Once you create a full dump file move it (FTP) to any OS in binary
format and you should be able to import it into the database there!

1. Create export of DB on UX

exp dba/passwd@yourDB FILE=exp_database.dmp COMPRESS=N CONSISTENT=N CONSTRAINTS=Y owner= <schema you want to export> foo GRANTS=Y INDEXES=Y RECORD=Y ROWS=Y Feedback=1000 LOG=exp_database.log

2. FTP file to Win2k
3. Create new db on Win2k
4. Create the tablespaces
5. Create the same users (foo)
6. Import the schema into the new database.

imp dba/passwd@newdb file=exp_database.dmp FROMUSER=foo TOUSER=foo commit=y LOG=imp_database.log

Note:: You can also export the database and redirect it to be compressed! - Check for this on oracle-> metalink

Hope this helps!

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