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Boot parameter issue

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Operating Systems Solaris Boot parameter issue
# 1  
Question Boot parameter issue

Hi all
i have an issue
when i change auto-boot?=false and reboot it
again it is going to auto-boot?=true
can any one tell that
what should i do for auto-boot?=false for permanently
thank you in advance
# 2  
What system do you have? Does it support ALOM? Post the output of
#uname -i
# 3  

uname -i was T2000
# 4  
Then looging to ALOM by pressing

#. ( hash and . withing a second to go to ALOM )

from there execute break and console -f to go to OK propmt . once you rae at OK propmt then you can set the value for auto-boot? false
# 5  
proble in T2000 machine boot setting

i can able to set auto-boot?=false
but when reboot the machine it is again goes to true and booting from boot-device.
i dont want to be bootdirectly
i want to boot from cdrom so st OK prompt i need to go
# 6  
try this:

# init 0

you'll go directly to OBP and can boot from cd.
# 7  
boot parameter issue

if i give init 0
it is not taking from cdrom and directly go to
boot-device and form it is booting
also it 9is giving a message that
WARNING : unable to update LDOM variable
please help me

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