Please give answers for this interview questions

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Operating Systems Solaris Please give answers for this interview questions
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Please give answers for this interview questions

I was not able to get answers for these interview questions. It will be appreciable and useful if any one answers this questions.

1. How will you find the primary boot block of a filesystem?
2. If the remote server keeps on restarting, what will you do? and in which files will you check?
3. What will you do if primary superblock is corrupted?
4.what will you do to recover root disk failure using SVM?
5. If database server become slow, how will you find the process which cause the server to perform slow? and what will you do to bring the server back in good condition?
6. Which cpmmand is used to display processor information physically?
7. How will you install Solaris on a box which has no display card?
9. How will you reset root password which has no cd/dvd ROM?
10. Which command can be used to display the date and time of a file which is originally created?
11. How can you mount a filesystem without having entry in /etc/mnttab?
12. How can you reboot a box to init1 state without using commands init 1 or shutdown -i1.
13. Jumpstart between 2 servers is slow, why?
14. How will you find disk errors and options you use?
15. If the server crashes while booting, what will you do and on which files will you check?
16. Root user is not able to create files on a filesystem even there are free space and having permission, why?
17. Kernel tuning files in Solaris 8, 9 and 10.
18. Will the server boot if only half of the metadb is available? What will you do to create new metadb if the server doesn't boot?
19. How many(maximum) submirrors can be attached to a mirror?
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  • 1 - newfs -N /dev/rdsk/cxtxdxsx -> however, i think it will only work if you used the newfs with the default settings.
    2 -
    3 - fsck -o b=<backsuperblocknumber_from_1> /dev/rdsk/cxtxdxsx
    5 - just install and use the top utility. find, stop and restart the process if possible
    6 - Don't know any "cpmmand" put for processor info. you can use psrinfo -pv or for a detailed description use the kstat -m cpu_info
    7 - using the console and CLI installation method
    10 - ls -l shows the last modified date, don't know about the originally created one
    11 - /etc/mnttab or /etc/vfstab
    12 - I think run the appropriate rc script (i think /etc/rc/rc1) or if you are in solaris 10 and at the ok prompt use the boot -m milestone=multi-user
    13 - jumstart is done over the network. Check for bottle necks in the network
    14 - i think iostat -e or E
    15 - /var/crash/<hostname>/ -> has the core dump
    16 - perhaps the filesystem is mounted in readonly mode
    17 -
    18 - No, Half + 1 metadb is required.
    19 -
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  • 14. iostat -En
  • 16. check for inode status by using the command "df -oi /filesystem"
# 4  
5. prstat

6. I'm not sure what physically means, but prtdiag does what I think the OP is asking

10 unix filesystems do not have a file creation time.
Some oddball filesystems may support it but ufs does not. This is a trick question. Or one asked by somebody who does not know unix. Which means you are in trouble in this interview because the people who are asking do not actually know the right answer.
# 5  
5. you can also use “sar” utility
6. isainfo -v
9. if box is on network and you have boot server then you can boot from server. on the OK> boot net -s.
11. if any file system is mounted then the entry will be on /etc/mnttab, however without placing the entries on /etc/vfstab, still you can mount the file which will be not boot persistence
12 svcadm milestone -d milestone/single-user:default
17. isn’t its /etc/system!!
# 6  
2. /var/adm/messages
4. metastat, metattach, metadetach, metarecover
9. Take out the disk and mount in another similar solaris box??

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