Disk free space planning for Sol 10 LU

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Operating Systems Solaris Disk free space planning for Sol 10 LU
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Disk free space planning for Sol 10 LU

I'm getting ready to start a LU from Sol 9 to Solaris 10. I want to ensure that I have enough disk space for future upgrades. What I don't know is what free space Solaris requires.

If I have 10GB of free space in /opt, will Solaris 10 use that for a LU?

Or, do I need to allocate 10GB of space to one disk slice and just not use it?

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Thanks for the links. I have already read those docs plus a ton moreSmilie and have not found the answer to my question.

Appreciate the resonse!!
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You should allocate to one disk slice and just not use it.
Btw, if you can get a downtime to do the upgrade, I suggest you to break mirror, change the boot disk to raw disk and boot cdrom to install, choosing "Upgrade Install"(personally tried it with success, even from Solaris 8 to 10)

For future Live Upgrades on your Solaris 10 OS, you should have a FREE slice like the following example (uses SVM for root disk ; capacity 146GB) output:-

Slice  Mount Point                 Size (MB)
     0   /                               35844
     1   swap                         16386
     2   overlap                      139989
     3   /luroot                       35844
     4   /var                          20481
     5   /luvar                        20481
     6   /opt/weblogic             10841
     7                                  109

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Thanks Incredible.
So in your example you set aside a 35gb slice for root and a 20gb slice for var for another upgrade? (luroot,luvar)

If I have a second disk, then I really don't need to worry about that, do I?

Most of my systems have 36gb drives and I don't have a lot of free space. However, they all have 2 disks and are mirrored so I can always break the mirror, return the disks to raw ones, use the second disk for the upgrade, then remirror.
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what you're saying is right? you can do that, it requests a prolonged downtime, if you can afford it.
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