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Install Solaris 10 by using the ISO file

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Operating Systems Solaris Install Solaris 10 by using the ISO file
# 1  
Install Solaris 10 by using the ISO file

Hi Gurus

Recently i had download the ISO installer (sol-10-u8-ga-sparc-dvd.iso) for Solaris 10.

And i ftp to a Server.

May i know is it possible to install the Solaris by using this ISO file directly (not using network)?
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Burn it to DVD and use it. If you're installing on vBox, then you may just mount the iSO. If you're installing on an x86 machine and don't have any DVD, you can install Alcohol120% and mount it using as a virtual drive.
# 3  
But this Sparc Server don have any CDROM and DVDROM.
any idea =)
# 4  
Can you get any external dvd drive?
# 5  
Originally Posted by SmartAntz
But this Sparc Server don have any CDROM and DVDROM.
any idea =)
What SPARC server model is it ?
# 6  
oo, the server had a cdrom, but the cdrom cannot used already,
so wish to ask is it got any alternative way to install the solaris.

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Originally Posted by incredible
Can you get any external dvd drive?
if i use external drive, the server will auto detect?
# 7  
First let me know whats the model of the server. be it USB or scsi attached drive, should be able to detect

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