keyTouch 2.4.1 (Default branch)

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keyTouch 2.4.1 (Default branch)

Image keyTouch makes it possible to easily configure the extra function keys of a keyboard (like multimedia keys). It allows the user to define which program will be executed when a key is pressed. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Changes:
keytouchd now detects if KDE or GNOME is running. It does so by checking if there is a process "kdesktop" or "gnome-session". If there is such a process, keytouchd will use the values of all environment variables for its own environment variables. As a result, the applications launched by keytouchd will appear on the XGL display if XGL is running and GTK applications will use the theme as set by KDE when running KDE.Image

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keytest(1)							   Linux Manual 							keytest(1)

keytest - reports names of pressed keys SYNOPSIS
keytest [input_device_name] DESCRIPTION
keytest ESE Key Daemon is a multimedia keyboard driver for Linux. With the 2.6 kernel series it can also handle remote controls, as they are presented as keyboards. No kernel patch is required. It is a userspace program that pools /dev/input/event? interfaces for incoming keyboard key presses. OPTIONS
Options: input_device_name input (event) device; if given turns off autodetection of 1st keyboard device FILES
/usr/sbin/esekeyd - main binary (daemon) /usr/bin/keytest - program that reports names of pressed keys /usr/bin/learnkeys - config file generator /usr/share/man/man1/{esekeyd,keytest,learnkeys}.1(.gz) - manual pages SEE ALSO
esekeyd(1), learnkeys(1) BUGS
See the file TODO in the distribution for information on what remains to be done. If you want to report a problem with the program, please send mail to this address: <>. Provide a detailed description of the bug, the version of the program you are running (run keytest without any parameters to display this information), the operating system you are running the program on and if the program crashes, I would appreciate a stack trace. AUTHOR
This program was written by Krzysztof Burghardt <> and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program. Linux Utilities 21 Feb 2006 keytest(1)

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