Makefile - If Statement?

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Makefile - If Statement?


I'm creating a Makefile, and in one of my targets, i need an IF statement to determine if two things are equal... but, I can't get it to run. Any ideas what is wrong?

Here's a snippet of the test from makefile:

        ifeq("a", "a")

# 2  

It helps if you say more than: I can't get it to run, versions, etc.

So, for this script:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# @(#) s1       Demonstrate ifeq in make, with, without parens.

set +o nounset
echo "Environment: LC_ALL = $LC_ALL, LANG = $LANG"
echo "(Versions displayed with local utility \"version\")"
version >/dev/null 2>&1 && version "=o" $(_eat $0 $1) make
set -o nounset


echo " Data file $FILE:"
cat $FILE

echo " Results:"

exit 0

We get:
% ./s1

Environment: LC_ALL = C, LANG = C
(Versions displayed with local utility "version")
OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.11-x1, i686
Distribution        : Xandros Desktop 3.0.3 Business
GNU bash 2.05b.0
GNU Make 3.80

 Data file Makefile:
# Sat Jan 24 11:25:44 CST 2009

        @echo " No parens, whitespace ignored."
  ifeq    "a"    "a"
        @echo " Strings are equal."
        @echo " Strings differ."
        @echo " With parens -- tricky comparison of whitespace."
  ifeq ( "a", "a" )
        @echo " Strings are equal."
        @echo " Strings differ."


 No parens, whitespace ignored.
 Strings are equal.

 With parens -- tricky comparison of whitespace.
 Strings differ.

You can google for examples or read GNU Make Manual - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) or try:
Title: Managing Projects with GNU Make
Author: R Mecklenburg
Edition: 3rd
Date: 2004
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0-596-00610-1
Pages: 280
Categories: *nix, development, compiling, building, programming, tools
Comments: Visit O'Reilly Media | Spreading the knowledge of technology innovators to get the
Comments: corrections for a large number of errors.
Comments: GNU manual: GNU `make'
Comments: 43 page tutorial:
Comments: Conflicting opinions; 4 stars, 8 reviews, 2007.05.
Comments: see also cons, scons
cheers, drl
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