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How to insert some constant text at beginig of each line within a text file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to insert some constant text at beginig of each line within a text file.
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Data How to insert some constant text at beginig of each line within a text file.

Dear Folks Smilie,

I am new to UNIX scripting and I do not know how can I insert some text in the first column of a UNIX text file at command promtp.
I can do this in vi editor by using this command :g/^/s//BBB_

e,g I have a file named as Test.dat and it containins below text:


Now I want to insert BBB at the beging of every line and out put should look like belwo:


Is there are way by using sed, awk or any other command I can get the above out put file. I want to run this command at UNIX command prompt.

Please advice & your feed back is highly appreciated.

Many thanks

Kind Regards

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yes, if your file is line sequential file
you can use awk
awk ' { print "BBB_" $0 } ' yourfilename > outputfilename
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Dear Paresh,

You command works very fine, its perfect and you are really intelligent.

Many thanks,

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Afzal
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[~]$ cat test

[~]$  sed 's/^/BBB_/g' test

PS: Whats up fellow (former) DTVer
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sed 's/^/BBC_/' file

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