Get the latest added part of a text file?

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Get the latest added part of a text file?

I want to get the latest added part of a text file sent over the network to for analysis. Is there a tool to use to keep track of which part of a text file that has already been analysed so only the "new" lines will be sent and handled? I have checked a few tools but I still don´t know how to solve this. Rsync seems to be able to copy the latest added content of a file in an "incremental way" but I don´t know how to take care of this "incremental content" in a script.
Do you have any ideas?
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i dnon't know if there is a tool to do what you want. but how about this workaround?

after every analyse make a copy of the file. before every new analyse look for the "diff" and only analyse these differences... this can be done very easy with some lines of shell script code!

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Hammer & Screwdriver What about this?

If the data is appended to the file, then perhaps...
(the following is a rough coding; there are issues with spacing and field layouts known)

analyze data as normal
wc -l mydatafile >mydatafile.last

next time to analyze
newcnt=$(wc -l mydatafile)
lastcnt=$(cat mydatafile.last)
newlines=$(echo $newcnt - $lastcnt | bc)

now, a tail command could provide you with the last lines to review
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Thanks for your help. I will probably use the diff command to get the latest content of the textfile.
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