can someone help me with modifying this file

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Old 05-22-2008
can someone help me with modifying this file


I have a file which has data kind of like this.

Apr 13 08:20:38 uslis10a sendmail[6432]: [ID 801593] m3DDKSx3006432: []
Apr 13 08:20:38 uslis10b sendmail[6433]: [ID 801593] m3DDKSoK006433: [] 
Apr 13 08:20:38 uslis10b sendmail[6442]: [ID 801593] m3DDKcSo006442: [] 
Apr 13 08:20:38 uslis10c sendmail[6443]: [ID 801593] m3DDKcdX006443: [] 
Apr 13 08:20:38 uslis10d sendmail[6446]: [ID 801593] m3DDKckA006446: []

I wanna remove the first three columns and keep the rest of the part.

for example in line I wanna delete until 'uslis10a'.

I want it in shell scripting language.


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Old 05-22-2008
cut -d ' ' -f 4- filename

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Old 05-22-2008
Thanks yogesh
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