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A Batch job to delete files from various directories

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting A Batch job to delete files from various directories
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Lightbulb A Batch job to delete files from various directories


I have a shell script to find files older than 'X' days ($2) in directory path ($1) and delete them.

Like this: /usr/home/c 90

Now, I need to modify this script and add it in CRON, so that it checks other directories also.

Like: /usr/home/c 90 /usr/home/c++ 60 /usr/home/sql 54

I am thinking about having a single cron entry with the input parameters put some where (say a config file), where I will be able to remove them all through a single cron.

Any ideas to go ahead about it?

Thanks in advance.
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Here's a idea,
while read dir age
        echo Cleaning $dir +$age ... $dir $age
done < /path/to/oneconfig/file

Put in cron and you're done. Smilie
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Thanks Andryk... Smilie
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You can use something like this with a loop:
This will remove files that are at least 5 days old.


find $DIR/* -mtime +$DAYS -exec rm -rf {} \;

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