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Need AWk To parse XML logs

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need AWk To parse XML logs
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Old 05-08-2008
Need AWk To parse XML logs

Hi , I need an Awk script to parse my log file .
2008-04-26 10:00:13,391 [Delivery0] INFO   Logger  - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><2dm
tmsg xmlns:xsi=""><msgTimeStamp>2008-04-26T12:00:11</msgTimeStamp><Id>4740</Id><cur>EXY</cur><sol>889</sol><Type>210</Type><Status>ACTIVE</Status>

This is how my xml file looks like , I would want to get output like
msgTimeStamp Id cur sol Type Status
2008-04-26T12:00:11 4740 EXY 889 210 ACTIVE

any help pls ?

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XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			 XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter(3pm)

XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter - output XML in canonical XML format SYNOPSIS
use XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter; $writer = XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter OPTIONS; $parser->parse(Handler => $writer); DESCRIPTION
"XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter" is a PerlSAX handler that will return a string or write a stream of canonical XML for an XML instance and it's content. "XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter" objects hold the options used for writing the XML objects. Options can be supplied when the the object is created, $writer = new XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter PrintComments => 1; or modified at any time before calling the parser's `"parse()"' method: $writer->{PrintComments} = 0; OPTIONS
IOHandle IOHandle contains a handle for writing the canonical XML to. If an IOHandle is not provided, the canonical XML string will be returned from `"parse()"'. PrintComments By default comments are not written to the output. Setting comment to a true value will include comments in the output. AUTHOR
Ken MacLeod, SEE ALSO
perl(1), PerlSAX James Clark's Canonical XML definition <> perl v5.10.1 2003-10-21 XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter(3pm)

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