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Old 03-08-2008
Perform action file name written to the pipe


I have a script that monitors files uploaded via ftp. After a successful upload, the file name is written to the pipe.

There is another program that reads this pipe and allows automatically run any program or script ( say ) to process the newly uploaded file.

mail -s mail -s "New upload : $1" test@test.tld

will email the filename to external email address.

now in I want to perform multiple functions:

1) email the uploaded file name ( which is done above )

2) grep/awk etc, for a string or word in the uploaded file and then


the exact word or string is found



grep -nr "$pattern" $1
echo " Following pattern found in file" $1 at line number >> /root/upload.log
/bin/rm -fr $1

echo "File safe: " $1 >> /root/upload.log

Now the pattern or word can be anyone of the following:

porn viagara cannibal maneater herbivore verygood millioniare donkey

so pattern is something like


Please advise.

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Old 03-09-2008
say something like this?

pattern= word|word|word|word(Put your pattern here or read it from a file)

while :

case $pattern in

$pattern) rm -rf $1
*) echo "File Safe:$1 "
$1 >>/root/upload.log

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Old 07-23-2008
yes, thanks the idea is right, I will verify and will udpate you soon
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