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Old 02-29-2008
help with creating new log file


The problem I am having now is... daily log file (xxxx.0228) exceeds it's max limit, stops logging and brings the daemon down. It won't start the daemon untill a new log file is created which happens at midnight. Once new daily log file starts, it brings up the daemon back up and starts logging again. So I need to create a script that will monitor daily logs lets say do a check every 5 mins. and if they are about to exceed the log file size limit, maybe compress the old daily log file and create a new daily log file or just create a new log file without compressing the old one and maybe send out an e-mail stating that a log file has exceeded it's limit and a new one has been created for the rest of the day. Btw I use ksh
Someone suggested logrotate.. would that help?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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MODEMMANAGER(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   MODEMMANAGER(8)

ModemManager - modem management daemon SYNOPSIS
ModemManager [--version] | [--help] ModemManager [--debug] [--log-level=<level>] [--log-file=<filename>] [--timestamps] [--relative-timestamps] DESCRIPTION
The ModemManager daemon provides a unified high level API for communicating with (mobile broadband) modems. While the basic commands are standardized, the more advanced operations (like signal quality monitoring while connected) varies a lot. ModemManager is a system daemon and is not meant to be used directly from the command line. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: --version Print the ModemManager software version and exit. --help Print ModemManager's available options and exit. --debug Runs ModemManager with "DEBUG" log level and without daemonizing. This is useful for debugging, as it directs log output to the con- trolling terminal in addition to syslog. --log-level=<level> Sets how much information ModemManager sends to the log destination (usually syslog's "daemon" facility). By default, only informa- tional, warning, and error messages are logged. Given level must be one of "ERR", "WARN", "INFO" or "DEBUG". --log-file=<filename> Specify location of the file where ModemManager will dump its log messages, instead of syslog. --timestamps Include absolute timestamps in the log output. --relative-timestamps Include timestamps, relative to the start time of the daemon, in the log output. SEE ALSO NetworkManager(8). 31 October 2011 MODEMMANAGER(8)

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