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switching user from root to ordinary user

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting switching user from root to ordinary user
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switching user from root to ordinary user

Good day Guys!!!
I am currently making a script in AIX, the script runs a SAS job, the owner of the script is the root, but the SAS jobs cannot be run by the root, as it should be run by a user 'sasia'. But inside the script, root creates a logfile, so what I need is just to su to sasia for the certain job and then go back to the original user. the script is written below. Pls. help

function logrc
if [ -f $drv/$batchname".err" ]
cat $drv/$batchname".err"|grep 0

echo $step $rcode $dtx $bpsw $desc >> $drv/$batchname".log"

if [ $bpsw != 1 ]
if [ $rcode != 0 ]
echo >> $drv/$batchname".log"
echo "Job Failed at "$step"." >> $drv/$batchname".log"
echo "Recovery Procedure:" >> $drv/$batchname".log"
if [ -f $rdrv/$batchname".rpm" ]
cat $rdrv/$batchname".rpm" >> $drv/$batchname".log"
echo "No Recovery Procedure." >> $drv/$batchname".log"
exit $rcode
return $rcode

function step00
desc="Delete exisitng trigger files"
cd /sasprog/triggers
if [ -f $st ]
rm $st
echo $st " deleted "
echo $st" does not exist"
if [ -f $ut ]
rm $ut
echo $ut " deleted"
echo $ut " does not exist"

echo date

function step01
if [ "$rrstep" != "" ] && [ "$rrstep" != "$step" ]
echo $step skipped
return 0
desc="Call SAS job"
Quoteme() {
if [ $# -gt 1 ]; then
cd `cat /sasconfig/BPICRMS/jobpath/prereq`
for arg in ""
Quoteme $arg
cmd="$cmd $tmp"

#main script

dtx=`date +'%y%m%d'`" "`date +'%H%M%S'`
if [ "$1" != "" ] && [ "$1" != "step00" ]
echo Job Restarted at $1 $dtx >> $drv/$batchname".log"
echo Job Started $dtx > $drv/$batchname".log"

exit $rcode

what I need is to revise the functyion 01 so that it will switch user to sasia, run the sasjob and then go back as root. Thanks in advanced for the help. Thanks
#end of script
# 2  
If $cmd is where you are running the command as root, change it to
su - sasia -c "$cmd"

Test it to see if it is what you need and read the man page on su command.
# 3  
tnx for the reply,
# 4  
 su - root and I hope you can deal with your model.

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