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complex grep command

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Old 11-21-2007
complex grep command

hi all
i have file call "list.log" which contains like this
00300 000024501043846 0
00300 000034531322871 0
00600 000000489100734 0

and so on ..
the file goes like thisSmilieexample first row)
from position 1-5 the lider number(300),position 7-21
id num(000024501043846), position 33 version number(0).
i need to take every row in "list.log" file and to search file or
files which :
the file_name contain the lider number, and in the file i have one or more rows which
contains the id num with the specific version.
example to the first row in the "list.log" file
00300 000024501043846 0
result /usr/tmp1
name of file : file_num_id_00300_emp_56
result /usr/tmp4
name of file : file_num_id_00300_emp_65
the two files are contain this serial number 000024501043846
with version 0.
the file_num_id_00300_emp_56 is a report ,the size of row is 132.
the problem is that the rows are
not with the same data lets says something like this :
report for customer Alex Swed lider 300
id num date version
000024501043846 21/05/2007 0
car_number involv_num prcnt
1234 3 50%
id num date version
0000299999999474 04/06/2007 1
according to the example the number of the files which contain all the data is two.

i want to join the number of the files which the lider,id_num and version are contain in them.(that include even if the file appear twice in the same file)
to the list.log file
or to other file
the final result should be
lider id_num version number_of_appearances

00300 000024501043846 0 2
how shall i do that ?
best regards

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