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Old 10-09-2007
Execute command from terminal on remote machine

Hi All,

I want to execute some commands on unix machine from the mac machne. I have two options for doing so, I am confused which is the best way of doing. Here are two options.

Execute command on the remote server machine. Commands to be executed itself contain arguments to be passed to some script.

1. Perl script to do ssh and expect to connect to the remote machine and execute command over there.
Complexity/Overhead: If I need to execute any new command, I have to overwrite '.exp' file.

2. Use Net::SSH:Expect perl module to do so.
Complexity/Overhead: Bit difficult to install perl module on mac os. Smilie

I am confused here which is the best option which suite my requirement.

Will appreciate any guidance.

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uuxqt(1)						      General Commands Manual							  uuxqt(1)

uuxqt - Executes remote command requests SYNOPSIS
uuxqt [-ssystem] [-xdebug_level] The uuxqt program executes specified commands on designated remote systems. OPTIONS
Specifies the name of the remote system. Use this option only when starting uuxqt manually. The remote system name is supplied internally when uuxqt is started automatically. Displays debugging information on the screen of the local system; debug_level is a single digit between 0 and 9. The higher the number specified, the more detailed the debugging information displayed. DESCRIPTION
When uux is entered by a user, the program creates the necessary C.* (Command), D.* (Data), and X.* (Execute) files and places them in the spooling directory on the designated remote system. The uux command then calls the uucico daemon which in turn, tries to contact the designated system to deliver the files. When the files are transferred, uuxqt executes the commands on the designated system. The uuxqt program searches the spool directories on the designated system for the X.* (Execute) files whose names indicate that they were sent from another system. The command checks each X.* file for the following: All of the required D.* (Data) files must be available and accessible. File commands must be permitted for the requesting system. The uuxqt program can be executed manually by a user with superuser privileges. This daemon is executed automatically by the uudemon.hour shell script, which is started periodically by cron. FILES
Lock file which prevents multiple use of device Limits number of remote command executions Access permission codes SEE ALSO
Commands: uucico(8), uucp(1), uustat(1), uux(1) uuxqt(1)

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