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Converting tables of row data into columns of tables

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Converting tables of row data into columns of tables
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Hi, Chris Larson.
Originally Posted by justthisguy
Thank y'all! drl, I largely used your example, thank you much for taking the time!

::beer:: >> drl

You're welcome. Thanks for posting the near-final code; that may help someone in the future.

Good idea documenting it. Usually if I don't do that internally or externally, I'll forget what I did in a few weeks.

I hope it continues to work well for you ... cheers, drl

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PFS(8)							    BSD System Manager's Manual 						    PFS(8)

pfs -- save and restore information for NAT and state tables SYNOPSIS
pfs [-v] -l pfs [-bv] -R filename pfs [-bv] -r filename pfs [-v] -u pfs [-bv] -W filename pfs [-bv] -w filename DESCRIPTION
The pfs command allows state information created for NAT entries and rules using ``keep state'' to be locked (modification prevented) and then saved to disk, allowing for the system to experience a reboot, followed by the restoration of that information, resulting in connections not being interrupted. OPTIONS
-b The information are read or stored using binary format. The default format is a readable ASCII format, similar to pfctl.conf syntax. -l Lock state tables in the kernel. -R filename Restore information from filename and load it into the kernel. The state tables are locked at the beginning of this operation and unlocked once complete. -r filename Read information in from filename and load it into the kernel. This requires the state tables to have already been locked and does not change the lock once complete. -u Unlock state tables in the kernel. -v Provide a verbose description of what's being done. -W filename Write information from the kernel out to filename. The state tables are locked at the beginning of this operation and unlocked once complete. -w filename Write information from the kernel out to filename. This requires the state tables to have already been locked and does not change the lock once complete. FILES
/dev/pf SEE ALSO
pf(4) BSD
July 21, 2009 BSD

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