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Logfiles E-mailed

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Logfiles E-mailed

Hi All
There are some cron jobs ,which runs 24 hrs. Log files are generated when one job fails.
So I need the log files to be emailed to my personal e-mail id. So that I can see the log files at my home If there is any error.

How can I implement this in Unix shell programming.

Thanks in advance!!
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We embed the following into our scripts:
for Email_Recp in `cat $Email_Addr_Ops_Fail`

mailx -s "FTP FAILED" "$Email_Recp" < $LogFile

if [ $ReturnCd -ne "0" ]
echo '\n***E-mail to $Email_Recp failed regarding FTP, RC=$ReturnCode***\n' >> $LogFile
exit 5
I hope this helps,
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mail -s "Log files" < /tmp/logfile.log

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As you suggest that the log file is only generated when there is a could run a daemon something like

while (1)
if [ -f $path2file ]
cat $path2file | mailx -s "Failure Alert" $yourmailid
mv $path2file $archivelocation
sleep $time2poll
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Thanks a lot Friends!!

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