finding idle time of a process

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here s the complete output of the script.

crypto $ sh -x 4722
+ set -o vi
+ alias h=history 23
+ alias rm=rm -i
+ alias cp=cp -i
+ alias mv=mv -i
+ alias l=ls -m
+ alias ll=ls -l
+ alias lsf=ls -F
+ [[ -z 4722 ]]
+ [[ 4722 != +([0-9]) ]]
+ PID=4722
+ + which w
+ + which ps
+ + which sed
+ + which awk
+ + /bin/ps tty4 -o 4722
7016 pts/0 0:00 ps
4560 pts/0 0:00 bksm
4570 pts/0 0:00 ksh
7007 pts/0 0:00 sh
+ + /bin/sed -e /TTY/d
7016 pts/0 0:00 ps
4560 pts/0 0:00 bksm
4570 pts/0 0:00 ksh
7007 pts/0 0:00 sh
TTNo= 7016 pts/0 0:00 ps
4560 pts/0 0:00 bksm
4570 pts/0 0:00 ksh
7007 pts/0 0:00 sh
+ + /bin/w
+ /bin/awk { print $5 }
+ /bin/sed -n -e /pts\/ 7016 pts/0 0:00 ps
4560 pts/0 0:00 bksm
4570 pts/0 0:00 ksh
7007 pts/0 0:00 sh/p
sed: /pts\/ 7016 pts/0 0:00 ps is not a recognized function.
+ echo 4722 has been idle for
4722 has been idle for
+ [[ = *day* ]]
+ [[ -gt 30 ]]
[1] + Done sh
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Originally Posted by Krrishv
aju thnx for your post actually -o option is not there in HP-UX at all...
Actually, yes it is. Read the man page. And see this thread.
# 17  
Thatz fine...i fixed that one already reading the man per man page if -o is specified it should be tty else tt am i right

TT=$($PS -o tty4 $PID)

but itz giving a error ps is not a function i dunno why..can u help in not tht much familiar with shell scripts..just started writing please help me guru's..thnx..

Last edited by Krrishv; 12-20-2006 at 09:53 AM..
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can smebody help 2 me..on this...cmon guru's plz help this poor chap..
# 19  
chk your sed command, in this u forgot to put / at end
# 20  
why don't you hire a UNIX admin, and stop double-posting, using "cyber-chat" phrases ?
# 21  
sysgate am in a hurry thtz why asking help...if i am not n a hurry i dont hav any understand me...anyway thnx mates i will check everythng will get bck 2 u....
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