passing runtime arguments to a shell script...

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Old 08-16-2006
passing runtime arguments to a shell script...

hi I am new to shell question is while running one of my shell program it stops in between to accept input from the user and proceeds furthur after giving input....I want to know whether I can set this input through some files so that the shell acript reads the input from the file and will not prompt the user to input the required data...the input is a there any other possibilities using pipes....

thanks in advance Smilie
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Old 08-16-2006
This is basic file redirection.

./ < input-file

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Old 08-16-2006
will this command automatically takes the input from the input-file...should i append this line to the end of the script....thanks for ur reply...
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Old 08-16-2006
Originally Posted by santy
Will this command automatically take the input from the input-file? Should I append this line to the end of the script? Thanks for your reply.
Yes, it will automatically take the input from the input file. It's not telling the program to do so, the shell automatically feeds the file into it's input when it creates the process. You can add that to the end of your script, if that's what you wish the script to do. You can even feed the output of one program into the input of another with pipes:
./ | ./

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Old 08-16-2006
thanks a lot:-)
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Old 01-09-2009

Have you guys anyone worked on CA workload, i have rqmnt that UNIX script should accept the parameter passed through the CA workload and run the process. To explain in the detail CA workload will tell which files is being placed on the server if file1 is placed it needs to process file1 and if file2 is placed it has to process it and so on. Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 01-09-2009
You can use the getopts command to handle command line arguments.
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