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Old 07-16-2006
Variables within a sed statement

I am just wondering if it's possible to refer to variables within a sed statement as follows:-

cat $file | sed -e 1's/$oldtext/$newtext/' > $file

as when I run the script, the variables are not recognised and nothing happens..??

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Old 07-16-2006
Turn off the quoting:

cat $file | sed -e 1's/'$oldtext'/'$newtext'/' > $file

here can be used also

cat $file | sed -e 1s/$oldtext/$newtext/ > $file

if $oldtext, $newtext don't contain special symbols, or better

cat $file | sed -e "1s/$oldtext/$newtext/" > $file
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Old 07-16-2006

sed 'some_sed_cmd' infile > outfile

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Old 07-17-2006
Nice one - the single quotes around the variables has worked. thanks
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Old 07-17-2006
It's not correct definition of quoting in the shell, to make this question clear look at
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Old 07-18-2006
Hi Hitori & all

well I did some reading as you suggested, however from the link below (
and the just to clarify, the correct way is to use double quotes (" ") around the sed statement, when refering to $variables
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