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Old 03-25-2020
Jello: The JQ Alternative for Pythonistas

Ever find yourself banging your head against the wall trying to decode a complex jq pipeline?

That's why I created jello, which puts the power of python processing of JSON at the command line. It's like jq but with python syntax!

Jello: The JQ Alternative for Pythonistas | Brazil's Blog

GitHub - kellyjonbrazil/jello: Filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax

Lambda functions and math
$ echo '{"t1":-30, "t2":-20, "t3":-10, "t4":0}' | jello '\
keys = _.keys()
vals = _.values()
cel = list(map(lambda x: (float(5)/9)*(x-32), vals))
r = dict(zip(keys, cel))'

  "t1": -34.44444444444444,
  "t2": -28.88888888888889,
  "t3": -23.333333333333336,
  "t4": -17.77777777777778

For loops
$ jc -a | jello '\
r = []
for entry in _["parsers"]:
  if "darwin" in entry["compatible"]:


List and Dictionary Comprehensions
$ jc -a | jello 'r = [entry["name"] for entry in _["parsers"] if "darwin" in entry["compatible"]]'


Environment Variables
$ echo '{"login_name": "joeuser"}' | jello '\
r = True if os.getenv("LOGNAME") == _["login_name"] else False'


Hope it is useful to you!
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