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Old 03-13-2020
As Scrutinizer said, %q is likely not portable.
And, %q solves a problem that would deserve a better solution.
The natural delimiter for piped input is a newline.
So perhaps you can use that?
Try the following example:
#Simple echo
  ( IFS=" "; printf "%s\n" "$*" )

        printe() { # STR1 STR2 STR3
        # Simply prints the strings as passed
        # It requires 3 strings to use the center
                case "$1" in
                                # Read pipe, expect 3 lines
                                read LEFT; read CENTER; read RIGHT
                                printe "$LEFT" "$CENTER" "$RIGHT"
                swarm.print.border -e
                swarm.print.text -e "$1" "$2" "$3"

echo_ "this is
a piped
test code" | printe -

printe "this is" "an argument" "test code"

printf "%s\n" "this was" "an argument" "test code" | printe -

BTW the echo tip was from me. sed s/RudiC/MIG/gSmilie
This User Gave Thanks to MadeInGermany For This Post:
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Old 03-13-2020
OMG Sorry, must have been selective (more ignoring) perception or something Smilie Smilie
Fixed the other post.


I LOVE YOU, that's how happy I'm right now! Smilie :steamhappy:
I need to get my head around (EDIT: 'find inner acceptance') the 3 lines for pipes, though... but.. it's working Smilie

WEEEEE ! Smilie

Positivly /solved now!
Thanks alot Made In Germany

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Old 03-19-2020
Posted in wrong thread...
I dont see a delete option in "Additional Options" with advanced edit.
-> I see 'Close this thread after..."

Last edited by sea; 03-19-2020 at 05:53 AM.. Reason: Thought I had an open question on this, and then forgot to change to other thread for the actual post...
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