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Extract the string between 2 delimiters

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Extract the string between 2 delimiters
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Extract the string between 2 delimiters

using just sed

i am trying to extract the string between 2 delimiters
and print that string to the line above
i cant use the string name as it always different
the delimiters are
: -

this is what i have


and i have tried this but it gets the text between the first : -

sed 's/[^:-]*:\([^:-]*\)-.*/\1/' file

this is whats needed using just sed


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how about for starters:
echo '' | sed 's#.*:\([^-][^-]*\)-.*#\1#'

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# 3  
thanks for reply

that just prints bob

need to print to line above as in post one
# 4  
sed 's#.*:\([^-][^-]*\)-.*#\1\n&#'

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# 5  

that works great
thank you

Originally Posted by nezabudka
sed 's#.*:\([^-][^-]*\)-.*#\1\n&#'

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