Unable to find files using wildcard on AIX.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Unable to find files using wildcard on AIX.
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As I suggested, have -name "*.js?*" \! -name "*.jsp" or cheat with -name "*.js??*".
And most easy is of course -name "*.jsp?*".
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If you (roughly) know what to exclude (here: .jsp), try
find /tmp/custom -type f \( -name '*.xml?*' -o -name '*.js[^p]*' -o -name '*.jsp?*' \) | grep -v '/BACKUP/'

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Attention, the standard shell and find glob has [!p] - [^p] is a GNU/libc extension.
(But the latter is standard in RegularExpression.)
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
As I suggested, have -name "*.js?*" \! -name "*.jsp" or cheat with -name "*.js??*".
And most easy is of course -name "*.jsp?*".
Thank you @MadeInGermany that answers my query.
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