Need grep regex to extract multiline text between two strings

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need grep regex to extract multiline text between two strings
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Need grep regex to extract multiline text between two strings

I have a file conatining the below:

    hash: e6df90d38fa86f0e289f73d79cd2cfd2a29954eb
    hash: e6df90d38fa86f0e289f73d79cd2cfd2a29954eb
    hash: 1746f03d57491b27158b0d3a48fca8b5fa85c0c2
    hash: 1746f03d57491b27158b0d3a48fca8b5fa85c0c2
    hash: e6df90d38fa86f0e289f73d79cd2cfd2a29954eb
    hash: e6df90d38fa86f0e289f73d79cd2cfd2a29954eb

I have a start pattern in variable myip=""

The end pattern should ONLY be the colon [:] for the next IP / Host i.e the bold part here or the end patter should be "EOF" (end of file) incase there is no Semicolon as the entry was the last antry the last IP in the file.

Thus my desired output for regex is below:

    hash: 1746f03d57491b27158b0d3a48fca8b5fa85c0c2
    hash: 1746f03d57491b27158b0d3a48fca8b5fa85c0c2

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Dear mohtashims,

You continue to ignore my instructions to you as the lead admin and moderator here.

If you post again, without doing your own work, attempting your own script, before posting, I will give you another infraction for not following my instructions.

It is a community rule violation to not follow moderator instructions; and you are doing it "repeatedly" without regard. You have 993 posts, so you know "how it works" here.

This is my last warning. Please be advised.
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