Read file input in while loop does not work on AIX system

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Old 10-01-2019
Read file or variable input in while loop does not work on AIX system

I'm working on Aix 6.1 and using ksh shell.

The below works fine on Linux bash or ksh shell [tested both].

while IFS= read -r dirpath ; do
echo "Hi"
done  <<<"$var"

However, any such while loop that reads the input from file or variable using <<< fails on Aix system with the below error:

: syntax error at line 75 : `<' unexpected
Below are the different while loops each having <<< for file input:

while IFS='\n' read -r line; do
while read -r line; do

Can someone please suggest what works for ksh on AiX 6.1 ?

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Old 10-01-2019
ksh does not have the <<< (here string) operator. (An exception are few variants of ksh93.)
In ksh you can do
echo "$var" | 
  while IFS= read -r dirpath
  echo "Hi"

Note that ksh, unlike other shells, runs the last part of a pipe in the main shell. For ex
echo "$var" | 
  while IFS= read -r dirpath
  echo "Hi"
  (( count+=1 ))
echo $count

Other shells run it in a sub shell, so the $count updates are gone when back in the main shell.
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Old 10-01-2019
@MadeinGermany: I love your answers !! They are precise Smilie

Works fine. I will test more conditions shorlty.
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