Curl not accepting spaces in script via variables

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# 8  
Originally Posted by say170
  --data $(printf '{
       "mName": "%s",
' "$mname")

{"message":"JSON parse error","statusCode":400}

What happens if you don't put in all the white space?

--data $(printf '{"mName":"%s","oName":"%s"}' "$mname" "$oname")

Or use an intermediate variable:
json_data=$(printf '{"mName":"%s","oName":"%s"}' "$mname" "$oname")
curl ...
   --data "${json_data}" ...

# 9  
tried both ways. removed all my white spaces and tried a variable. Here is a better code stub which shows the full data element.

json_data=$(printf '{"mName":"%s","oName":"%s","lCode":"%s","schema":[{"name": "Fred","RequestId":"1234","Name":"Test","BO":"999999","aId":"%s","keyId":"p1","eId":"Test.ts"}],"cCode":"%s","cCode2":"GB","Url":{"protocol":"http","host":"","port": 1653,"endpoints":[{"name": "requestorEndpoint","value": "mEP"}]}}' "$mName" "$oName" "$lCode" "$aId" "$cCode")

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer '$token   \               <--------- $token comes from further up in the code.
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --silent \
  --data '${json_data}'             <-------- note I had to use single quotes

done < $infile

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Found a working solution here - shell - How can I use a variable in curl call within bash script - Stack Overflow

message="Hello there"
curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' --data '{"text": "'"${message}"'"}'

Far from elegant, but it works... I will play with jq when I get some time.
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# 11  
The goal is to have "quotes" around the text with spaces.
But you must quote these "quotes" to hide them for the shell. Place them inside 'ticks' is one method.
And you must have $variables in "quotes" for the shell - these protective quotes are removed, when passed to the curl.

'{"text": "'"${message}"'"}'

And this is a concatenation of 'string' "string" 'string' where the shell passes stringstringstring to curl.

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