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Remove single @ on line from file

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Remove single @ on line from file

Hi All,

So I have to remove all the @hostnames from a file, the problem is, there are instances where @ is used for other things... For example:

example text:
@This is some text in between some at signs@
@This is some more text@
This is a line that will contain a username and his/her email -
This is another email line -

I need to remove the text after the and but leave the two previous @ bla bla bla @ lines.

Heres what I have tried:

cat * |egrep -v '@.*@'|sed 's/@.*/@REDACTED/'

This kind of works, but I need all the lines intact

sed 's/@.*/@REDACTED/'

This just removed all the test after the @. This would be ok, but we would like to have the other lines if possible - we do just want to secure the file from having hostnames.

Not sure how to accomplish this. Any advice would be appreciated.

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sed 's/@\w\+\.\w\+/@REDACTED/g'

sed 's/@\w\+\.\w\+/@REDACTED/3'

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for a non-GNU sed - might be harden a bit more/better:
sed 's/@[^ ][^ ]*[.][^ ][^ ]*/@REDACTED/g' myFile

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Thanks for your help! I used

sed 's/@\w\+\.\w\+/@REDACTED/g'

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Works with any Posix-compatible sed:
sed 's/\([[:alnum:]]\)@[[:alnum:]][-_.[:alnum:]]*/\1@REDACTED/g' file

By requiring a character before the @ it will not trigger on a @ at the beginning of the line.
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And a lookbehind perlie you could try
perl -pe 's/(?<=\S@)\S+/\REDACTED/g' file

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