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FTP Cron issues

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Old 06-01-2006
FTP Cron issues

I am on AS3 Update 4 Linux
and am having an issue with an automated ftp script, I tried using the fd/sub proc method and that did not seem to work either. I normally use the following method to perform my ftp's but for some reason it works if I launch the script at the command line but in Cron it fails. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

<Begin Code>
some othe code

echo "open IP ADDR" > $HOME/.ftpcpu
echo "user <user> <password>" >> $HOME/.ftpcpu
echo "binary" >> $HOME/.ftpcpu
echo " cd <Directory>" >> $HOME/.ftpcpu
echo "put $filename" >> $HOME/.ftpcpu
/usr/bin/ftp -n < $HOME/.ftpcpu
rm $HOME/.ftpcpu
<End Code>

The only thing diffrent on this system than the others that are in production is this ftp does not have a batch mode (-b) option.
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Old 06-01-2006
Question #1 - is $HOME defined? The mian reason cron scripts fail is that they don't normally source /etc/profile and often do not have environment variables you have otherwise.
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Old 06-02-2006
Yes $HOME is defined, The error is with ftp wanting me to input username and Password. I turned writing stdout and stderr to dev/null off so I could see the error.

I do not get this error when I execute the script at command line
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Old 06-02-2006
u can use .rlogin concept

On the destination Server ,
if u make entry in the .rlogin file for corresponding Source Ipaddress and username .

<Source IP address> <Username>

when u do ftp from
<Source IP address> using <Username>
It will not ask password .
u can execute ur batch ftp programs .

Normally in Windows it can be done by ftp -s:file
we can write username,passwd in file and execute the batch ftps.
but whereas in Unix .rlogin concept is used.
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Old 06-05-2006
Make Entry in .rhosts

In previous post ,I have written that make entry in .rlogin ,it is .rhosts file.
If U make entry in .rhosts file with IP address and username.
Remote Commands are allowed from <IPADDRESS> for <Usename> without passwords

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