Converting seconds to time

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Converting seconds to time

I have a list of time spans in seconds, and want to compute the time span
as hh:mm:nn

I am coding in bash and have coded the following. However, the results are
wrong as "%.0f" rounds the values.


ftm: 25793.5
tmspan(hrs,min,sec): 7.16  429.89  25793.50

hh: 7
mm: 10
ss: -0
tmspan 7:10:1193.50

  tmspan_sec=`echo "($npt - 1) * $dlt" | bc -l`
  tmspan_min=`awk -v tm=$tmspan_sec 'BEGIN {printf "%.2f", tm/60.0}'`
  tmspan_hrs=`awk -v tm=$tmspan_sec 'BEGIN {printf "%.2f", tm/(60.0*60.0)}'`
  echo "tmspan(hrs,min,sec): $tmspan_hrs  $tmspan_min  $tmspan_sec"

  hh=`awk -v tm=$tmspan_sec 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f", tm / (60.0 * 60.0)}'`
  echo "hh: $hh" 
  mm=`awk -v tm=$tmspan_sec -v thh=$hh \
    'BEGIN {printf "%.0f", (tm-(thh*60.0*60.0))/60.0}'`
  echo "mm: $mm" 
  ss=`awk -v tm=$tmspan_sec -v thh=$hh -v tmm=$mm  \
    'BEGIN {printf "%.0f", (tm-(thh*60.0*60.0)-(tmm*60.0))/60.0}'`
  echo "ss: $ss"

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Why not
printf "%02d:%02d:%02d\n" $((25793 / 3600)) $((25793 % 3600 / 60 )) $((25793 % 3600 % 60))

Please be aware that bashcan do integer calculations only! If you need fractions of seconds, try
printf "%02d:%02d:%02d%s\n" $((${ftm%.*} / 3600)) $((${ftm%.*} % 3600 / 60 )) $((${ftm%.*} % 3600 % 60)) ${ftm#${ftm%.*}}

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I have now stored the initial and final time as 24-hour hours, minutes and seconds in
variables `itm` and `ftm` respictively.

My files look as follows and want to introduce `itm` and `ftm` in the file name. I want to
introduce `itm` and `ftm` instead of the number before `.sac` to get something like


Is there any good way to do this?


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The following does not work well

echo "$stfl" | awk -F '.' '{for(i=1;i<=(NF-2);i++) print $i}'

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