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Old 01-06-2017
Merge strings with ignore case

I have a bi-lingual database of a large number of dictionaries. It so happens that in some a given string is in upper case and in others it is in lower case. An example will illustrate the issue.
toll Tax=पथ-कर
Toll tax=राहदारी कर
toll tax=टोल

I want to treat all three instances of
toll tax

as one and map them as under:
toll tax=पथ-कर,राहदारी कर,टोल

I have an awk script which merges all such mappings, but it fails on instances where lower and upper case are involved
I am giving the script below
#script to merge columns to rows if the LH string is identical
!a[$1]++ {printf RS $1 FS $2 ;next}{printf "," $2}

How do I modify the script such that it will ignore the cases mentioned above and merge all three to
toll tax=पथ-कर,राहदारी कर,टोल

I could convert the whole database to lower case but that is not feasible since some strings such as Acronyms need to be maintained in uppercase.
My operating system is Windows.
Many thanks for helping out and all good wishes for the New Year.
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Old 01-06-2017
Hello gimley,

As your haven't provided more sample Input_file, so it is tested with all permutations and combinations.
awk -F'=' 'FNR==NR{A[tolower($1)]=A[tolower($1)]?A[tolower($1)]","$NF:$NF;next} (tolower($1) in A){print A[tolower($1)];delete A[tolower($1)]}'  Input_file  Input_file

R. Singh
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Old 01-06-2017
How about awk's tolower()?
!a[tolower($1)]++ {printf RS $1 FS $2 ;next}

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Old 01-06-2017
Thanks to all who helped.
I slightly modified RudiC's script
#script to merge columns to rows if the LH string is identical
!a[tolower($1)]++ {printf RS $1 FS $2 ;next}{printf "," $2}

and it merged all three.
Many thanks to RavinderSingh13 for his help also. The solution he provided worked also
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