How to pick system time of the file placed on UNIX?

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Old 06-07-2016
How to pick system time of the file placed on UNIX?

Hi ,I got one data file from external source and I have to load it in database through sql loader. I want to add 2 columns in database,one is file name and one is time of the file received on server.

-rwxr-x---    1 user user          238 Jun 03 16:32 90936264971326030616.ctr

From above case, I want one field as 'Jun 03 16:32' and one as "90936264971326030616" (file name without extension).

Thanks in advance

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Old 06-07-2016
Not sure if your specifications requires the quotations or not but what about:

 awk '{print "\""$6,$7,$8"\"","\""substr($9,1,length($9)-4)"\""}' filename

Will produce:

"Jun 03 16:32" "90936264971326030616"
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Old 06-07-2016
Quite sparse a request, no? What tools would be preferred? What would the data be used for, and how? How or where to store the data? In a file? In stdout (to be piped into sth.)? In shell variables?

awk '{sub (/\..*$/, _, $NF); print $NF; print $(NF-3) " " $(NF-2) " " $(NF-1)}' file
Jun 03 16:32

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Old 06-08-2016
Hi All,

Thanks for your response

The actual requirement I have is to take the timestamp (file name here can be ignored), append it to all rows in the file so that it can loaded in database through sqlldr.

Once I extract the timestamp of the file in UNIX and pass it in one variable like $1 then I can further use the below command to make a new data file which I will load.
sed -e 's/$/   May 04 09:02/' summary_file.sql > Data_file.sql

I hope I am clear now.

I tried your suggested command :

File content is:-
-rw-r-----    1 owner owner        976 May 04 09:02 summary_file.sql

cat summary_file.sql

Approach 1:-
awk '{print "\""$6,$7,$8"\"","\""substr($9,1,length($9)-4)"\""}'  summary_file.sql


It gives me 6,7 and 8th field.

Approach 2:-
awk '{sub (/\..*$/, _, $NF); print $NF; print $(NF-3) " " $(NF-2) " " $(NF-1)}' summary_file.sql

It gives me output as :-

It is not giving me time. It just picks up the last field in one line and other last 3 columns in one line.

Please help.

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Old 06-08-2016
An excellent example how incomplete and/or inaccurate specifications DO waste peoples' and requestor's time and effort!

To start from the beginning: What OS and shell version do you use? Do you have the stat or equivalent command at your disposal?
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Old 06-08-2016
Sorry for wasting your time ..its my first time to ask for a help like this..not sure what all info is required. Shell version is

. It is an AIX server
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Old 06-08-2016
What be the stat equivalent on your system that can give the file's time stamp explicitly? (OK, if need be we can extract that from ls -l)
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