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Search Files on a given path based on latest time stamp

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Search Files on a given path based on latest time stamp
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Old 02-11-2016
Wrench Search Files on a given path based on latest time stamp

find /app/data -name "Availability" -

Below is the output now i need to filter based on latest modified timestamp.

I know 3 is the latest modified time stamp but i tried different options but only filtering docs and not on headnote..Can any one tell me how to do that..


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Old 02-11-2016
The following works with a Korn shell:

find "$BaseDir" -name 'Availability' |
while read -r path
do	if [ "$newest" = '' ] || [ "$path" -nt "$newest" ]
	then	newest="$path"
printf 'The most recent file is "%s".\n' "$newest"

but it uses a couple of non-standard features. The test -nt operator is a non-standard extension provided by many shells including bash and ksh. And, according to the standards, commands executed in a multi-command pipeline may either be executed in a subshell execution environment or in the current shell execution environment. The Korn shell runs the last command in a pipeline in the current shell execution environment; so the script above works. To run this script with bash the printf command at the end of the script would have to be put in a subshell with the while loop:

find "$BaseDir" -name 'Availability' | (
	while read -r path
	do	if [ "$newest" = '' ] || [ "$path" -nt "$newest" ]
		then	newest="$path"
	printf 'The most recent file is "%s".\n' "$newest"

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Old 02-12-2016
First of all my mistake not giving in proper format.
Thanks for the response.

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