Converting shell/awk to ruby

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Converting shell/awk to ruby

any idea on how to get started with this:

shell script:

awk '/{/,/}/' ~/newservices.txt | while read line
        BEGIN=$(echo "${line}" | egrep ":" | egrep "{")
        if [ ! -z "${BEGIN}" ] ; then
                checkname=$(echo $line | awk -F":" '{print $1}' | sed 's_"__g')
                echo "{" > /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json
                echo '    "id": "'"monitoring_${checkname}_vip"'",' >> /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json
        USENRPE=$(echo "${line}" | egrep "nrpe_args")
        if [ ! -z "${USENRPE}" ] ; then
                echo "    ${line}" >> /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json
                echo '    "use_existing_command": "nrpe_args",' >> /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json
        END=$(echo "${line}" | egrep "}")
        if [ ! -z "${END}" ] && [ -z "${USENRPE}" ] ; then
                echo "${line}" | sed 's_,__g' >> /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json
                echo "    ${line}" | sed 's~service_description~description~g' >> /tmp/services/monitoring_${checkname}_vip.json

I want to convert the above to ruby but here's how far i've gotten so far yes, i know its pretty bad Smilie

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

file_names = [ 'newservices.txt' ]
file_names.each do |file_name|
  text =
  new_contents = text.gsub(/command/, "mike")

  # To merely print the contents of the file, use:
  puts new_contents

  # To write changes to the file, use:, "w") {|file| file.puts new_contents }

the contents of newservices.txt looks something like this:
                                        "service_description": "MainFrame Storage - /hpiu_unloads/apptables Disk",
                                        "contact_groups": [ "HQ-CLT-INFY-DG" ],
                                        "_TKTQC": "Corp L2 Infra Unix queue",
                                        "command": "nrpe_args",
                                        "command_options": [ "check_disks", "'-w 21% -c 20% -p /hpiu_unloads/apptables'" ],
                                        "notifications_enabled": 0

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It would have been much better if you would had posted what you really wanted as output, instead of some shell code that it is full of problems.

The following is a solution heavily based on a guess:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

block = []
path = "/tmp/services/"
filename = ""

File.readlines("newservices.txt").each do |line|
    if line =~ /"(.+)":\s*{/
        filename = "#{path}monitoring_#{$1}_vip.json"
        block.push "{", "\t\"id\": \"monitoring_#{$1}_vip\","
    if block.any?
        if line.include? "}"
           block << line.strip.chomp
 , "w"){|f| f.puts block}
        block << line.chomp.gsub(/^\s+/, "\t")
        if line.include? "nrpe_args"
            block << "\t\"use_existing_command\": \"nrpe_args\","

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