How to rename lots of files with find?

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How to rename lots of files with find?

Can someone help me with this script.
I have a bunch of files like this:

"2209OS_02_Code" "2209OS_03_Code" "2209OS_04_Code" "2209OS_05_Code" "2209OS_06_Code" "2209OS_07_Code" "2209OS_08_Code" "2209OS_09_Code" "2209OS_10_Code" "2209OS_10_video"

and I want to rename them to be like this:

"ch02", "ch03", etc...

/usr/bin/find . -name 22\* -exec echo $(perl -e '$o=$ARGV[0];  $n=($o=~s/2209OS_([0-9]+)_Code/$1/g);  print "ch$o"' {}) \;

My echo statement is only printing the original name such as "2209OS_02_Code" instead "ch02".

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find . -name 22\* | while read old; do 
    new=`echo $old | perl -nle '/_(\d+)_/&&print "ch$1"'`
    mv $old $new

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Wow! Thanks for the prompt response! That works!
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