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Problem with binary file

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Problem with binary file

I have a binary file with all content is text, i want convert this binary to a regular file because i want to parse it.


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I have found the solution

cat file | tr -d '\0'

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cat file | tr -d '\0'

tr -d '\0' < file

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Help me out - what is a
binary file with all content is text
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Originally Posted by RudiC
Help me out - what is a
Originally Posted by protocomm
I have a binary file with all content is text,
A script?
Shot into the blue - the extenstion is probably ".run".

When its already text, why need to change it?
Doesnt do dos2unix not something simliar like that tr command?
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Could be e.g. a UTF-16 file; then iconv might be preferrable to tr...
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I'm french, it"s possible that's not clear.

In fact, i have a file ArchivePlay.log from a windows PC, inside the file, there are whole text.
When i do:
file --mime ArchivePlay.log

it says: binary file

od -bc ArchivePlay.log

I see a lot of

If i:
tr -d '\0' ArchivePlay.log

The binary file become a plain text file, i'm happy

I'm wonder, how do the same thing with python, i try to convert the binary file in ascii file but without success
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Out of sheer personal curiosity - would you post the (partial) output of od -ctx1 ArchivePlay.log?

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