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GNU & BSD Makefile Directives & Conditions Compatibility

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Question GNU & BSD Makefile Directives & Conditions Compatibility

Firstly, I would like to apologize if this is not the appropriate sub-forum to post about GNU/BSD makefile scripting. Though my code is in C++, because I am focusing on the makefile I thought it would go better in shell scripting. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Secondly, I am not interested in dealing with autotools/autogen yet. I want to focus on learning about make/gmake.

I have seen this subject posted on the web, but have not found a solution for myself yet.

I want users to be able to compile from my Makefile on Linux, BSD, & Windows systems. The makefile tests if the target platform is Win32 using conditional directives. I much prefer BSD as the GNU syntax is confusing to me:
.if defined(WIN32) || defined(__WIN32__)

However this is not compatible with GNU make:
$ gmake
Makefile:20: *** missing separator. Stop.
For GNU make it needs to be something like this:
ifdef WIN32 # don't know how to use logical "or" (||) here
ifdef __WIN32__

or I think I can use something like this (though this example doesn't work as intented):
ifeq (,$(filter "",$(WIN32) $(__WIN32__)))

Neither of which are compatible with BSD make

My base question is how to make my Makefile both GNU & BSD compatible. Is it possible to do within a single file or do I need to separate them? Can I have a base makefile that imports another of either GNU or BSD standards? Or, do I just need to make 2 completely separate files?

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