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Grep start and end line of each segments in a file

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Old 09-04-2014
Hammer & Screwdriver Grep start and end line of each segments in a file

Cat file1


grep -n SCHEMA > header_file2.txt


I need to print values of each schema content to temp file.

sed -n '1,24p' file1.txt > file.tmp$$

sed -n '25,29p' file1.txt > file.tmp$$

Question is how can I get the start and ending line in the header h that I can use with sed to place each table contents into file.

1: SCHEMA.TABLE1  (1-24)
25:SCHEMA.TABLE2  (25-29)
30:SCHEMA.TABLE3  (30-end)

I have below idea but its kind of making it complex. (syntax may not correct)


start1=expr `$start+1`

end=expr `head -$start1 file1 |tail-1 |cut-d':' -f2`-1  (24) 

sed '1, $end' > tmp

start1=expr `$start+1`

end=expr`head -3 $start1 |tail-1 |cut-d':' -f2`-1  (29)

sed '1, $end' > tmp


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Old 09-05-2014
Any other way we can do it without using awk?
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Old 09-05-2014
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