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Remove excess log files past data mark

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Old 08-11-2014
Remove excess log files past data mark

I have got application log files collecting up fast inside of a directory.

The logs contains many logs that look like this (were talking 1000s+):
the Log_NAME followed by Date and application specific nonsense.


Below is an excerpt of a script I use to backup excess log files before I remove all, I was wondering if anyone had any idea how I could create a script within this where I remove all scripts for last month. I think it should be possible to safely remove all the: application_log_*.... that are say older then $DT_limit I set. However I need expert opinion on this because I can not exceed the limit I set and need to be safe as folder contains other .ini and log files that must be ignored so care is needed.

export EXCESS_LOG_LOCATION="/excess_log/location"
export BACKUPDIR="/backup/log_backup"
export LOGFILE_LOCATION="/log_location"
## Date/Time variables

DT=`date '+%F:%H:%M'`

for file in `ls $EXCESS_LOG_LOCATION/application_log_*`
  mv ${file} ${BACKUPDIR}
  echo "log processed file ${file}" >> ${LOGFILE_LOCATION}
exit 0

I will post a script I am thinking of using as soon as I make progress but if anyone has an idea or has done this before let me know.

FYI - Ignore the Backup AND MV command functionality please this is just to help you see the logic I want to follow. and help you understand where I am trying to place the date check*.
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Old 08-11-2014
What operating system are you on, as many date manipulation operations can be OS specific?

Do you have a date command that supports the --date option?

$ date --date "-10 days" +'%Y/%m/%d'

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Old 08-11-2014

I ran your command and it is supported. Ie I get the same result.

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Old 08-11-2014
I think something like this should get the job done:

LDATE=$(date --date "-$DT_limit days" +'%Y-%m-%d')

for file in $EXCESS_LOG_LOCATION/application_log_*
    if [[ "$FDATE" < "$LDATE" ]] 
        echo "file: $file is older than $DT_limit days"

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Old 08-12-2014
Hey , Thanks for the help.
I really appreciate it!

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