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Batch script to execute shell script in UNIX server

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Old 06-07-2014
Batch script to execute shell script in UNIX server

Hi team,

My requirement is to transfer pdf files from windows machine to unix server and then from that unix server we should sftp to another server.

I have completed the first part i.e From windows to using to unix server with the help of psftp.exe
psftp user@host -pw password < new.scr
content of new.scr
cd /app_logs/ifast/b2c
lcd D:\ifast\b2c
put Mayshifts.pdf

can somenone help in the further process.
i tried the below code in the new.scr but not working
cat << EOF | sftp user@host
cd /usrlog/rntaops/bhupesh
put Mayshifts.pdf


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Old 06-07-2014
Welcome to the forums.
sftp requires authorized host. Can you connect to your remote server without password?
Also, check if ftp is allowed.

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