Shell Script for copying text file to Excel Sheet

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Old 04-18-2014
Shell Script for copying text file to Excel Sheet

I want to write a program to copy a log file to Excel sheet. Excel sheet has four columns MethodName , Code , Description, Details and Time.
I want to pick these info from text file and put it in excel sheet.

here is how the text file looks -

04.17.2014 08:06:12,697 Ik-asjkjantkLgrts.Log Response ABC
POST /login/methodName?Content-Type: text/xml { here it will have all details )

<Desc>Here it will have code description</statusDesc>



Is this possible? Help will be appreciated.
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Old 04-19-2014
Try to remove all xml tags and put your columns' values into one line, separated by semicolons. Then read/import that into EXCEL as a .csv file.
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