How to loop my awk script across different columns?

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Old 04-11-2014
How to loop my awk script across different columns?


name    a1    a2    a3
g1    0.8    0.4    0.2
g2    -0.2    -0.6    -0.7
g3    0.1    0.6    0.8
g4    0.1    0    0
g5    -0.2    -0.2    -0.2
g6    -0.1    -0.9    -0.9
g7    0    0    0.2


I use the following

 awk '{if ($2>=0.5) print $1"\t""1"; else if($2<=-0.5) print $1"\t""-1"}'  input |awk '{ sum+=$2} END {print sum}'


awk '{if ($3>=0.5) print $1"\t""1"; else if($3<=-0.5) print $1"\t""-1"}'  input |awk '{ sum+=$2} END {print sum}'


awk '{if ($4>=0.5) print $1"\t""1"; else if($4<=-0.5) print $1"\t""-1"}'  input |awk '{ sum+=$2} END {print sum}'


But I have many columns. Is there anyway I can apply the same command looping over all the columns that gives the above output at once? thanx in advance.
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Old 04-11-2014
Try something like:
awk '
    for(i=2; i<=NF; i++) {
      if($i>0.5)  Total[i]++
      if($i<-0.5) Total[i]--
    for(i=2; i<=n; i++)
      print Header[i] ":" Total[i]
' file


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Old 04-11-2014
You have given incorrect output...
you code is comparing for header column and providing the output as 2, 0, 0.
If you go throug that manually, you will get 1, -1, -1 as output.
Below is the code for that

awk 'NR == 1 {split($0, c, FS); next}
  {if($2 >= 0.5) {v[2] += 1} else if($2 <= -0.5) {v[2] -= 1};
  if($3 >= 0.5) {v[3] += 1} else if($3 <= -0.5) {v[3] -= 1};
  if($4 >= 0.5) {v[4] += 1} else if($4 <= -0.5) {v[4] -= 1}}
  END {for(i = 2; i <= length(c); i++) print c[i] ":" v[i]}' file

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Old 04-11-2014
yes. you are right. thanx for pointing it out.
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